Illinois Legislature Passes Immigrant (Illegal) ‘Dream Act’

May 30, 2011 in Dream Act

(This Has To Be A Joke – Not Only that this was Done On Memorial Day)

Congratulations Illinois. You are now officially a sanctuary state.

Illinois Legislature Passes Immigrant ‘Dream Act’; Quinn Will Sign It

 TEN REPUBLICANS VOTED YES – CROSS, Beaubien, Brauer, Leitch, McAuliffe, Mulligan, Poe, Saviano, Senger, Winters, Nybo No Vote

Updated: Monday, 30 May 2011, 6:13 PM CDT
Published : Monday, 30 May 2011, 6:12 PM CDT

Associated Press

Springfield, Ill. – The children of immigrants, both legal and illegal, would be able to obtain private college scholarships and enroll in Illinois state savings programs under legislation approved Monday.

A 61-53 vote in the Illinois House sent the measure to Gov. Pat Quinn’s desk because it already passed the state Senate. Quinn said in a statement that he looked forward to signing it.

Supporters praised the legislation as a much-needed way to offer financial help to undocumented immigrants who graduate from Illinois high schools and want to continue their studies in college but can’t afford it.

The Illinois Dream Act would create a panel to raise private money for college scholarships and let the children of immigrants join programs that help them invest money and save for college.

“These students deserve an opportunity. They work hard. We send them through grade school, we send them through high school, then we slam a door in their face and say `Oh well, all the hard work is for nothing. You can’t go to college,”‘ said state Rep. Edward Acevedo, D-Chicago.

To qualify for the college savings pool, students must have a Social Security number or taxpayer identification number. Scholarship recipients must have at least one immigrant parent and the student must have attended school in Illinois for at least three years.

Carla Navoa, a 22-year-old student at the University of Illinois at Chicago who is in the country illegally, lobbied for the bill because it will help others like her pay for college. She said she currently isn’t enrolled in college because of the financial stress on her family with a younger sister in college, too.

“Having access to this Dream Fund would really help us,” Navoa said.

Opponents have criticized the legislation as improper because it provides benefits that could help people who violate immigration laws. They also have complained it’s confusing because of proposed federal legislation by the same name that would give some illegal immigrants a path to citizenship.

The Illinois Dream Act has no impact on a person’s immigration status and it doesn’t offer a path to citizenship.

Congratulations Illinois. You are now officially a sanctuary state.


May We Never Forget Our Heroes

May 30, 2011 in Memorial Day

God Bless The United State Military, Vetarans & families Of Those whom made ultimate sacrifice For their love of Country

May We never forget on this Great Country Started.

Memorial Day 2011

How To Take Our Country Back

May 29, 2011 in Debt Crisis, Uncategorized

How To Take Our Country Back (1of3)

How To Take Our Country Back (2of3)

How To Take Our Country Back (3of3)

Mass Tea Party – Massachusetts Tea Party

Agenda 21

May 26, 2011 in Agenda 21, Featured

Most Americans are unaware that one of the greatest threats to their freedom may be a United Nations program known as Agenda 21. The United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs, Division for Sustainable Development created Agenda 21 as a sustainability agenda which is arguably an amalgamation of socialism and extreme environmentalism brushed with anti-American, anti-capitalist overtones. 

Coming soon!!

Agenda 21 is an action plan of the United Nations (UN) related to sustainable development and was an outcome of the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED) held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in 1992. It is a comprehensive blueprint of action to be taken globally, nationally and locally by organizations of the UN, governments, and major groups in every area in which humans directly affect the environment.

Used to write about what was coming in newspapers, back in the late seventies and early eighties – people laughed at me! Plan 2000 was the predecessor to Agenda 21 and, was far more ominus in its wording. Georgia Guidestones appeared two years after Plan 2000 was hatched by Henry Kissinger’s office as secretary of state.

Scott Brown Fails Yet Another Political Courage Test

May 23, 2011 in Debt Crisis, Scott Brown


Governor Kasich(R) Ohio says Republicans Must Have the Courage to Address Entitlements!  Et Tu Scott Brown?

Numbers USA’s 2012 Presidential Hopefuls Grid

May 22, 2011 in Election

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mass tea party - Massachusetts Tea Party

Forget the Gas Tax! Is ‘Driving Tax’ Coming?

May 22, 2011 in Tax Hike

Forget the Gas Tax! Is ‘Driving Tax’ Coming?

Washington ready to squeeze American drivers?

NEW YORK (CNNMoney) — Washington lawmakers are kicking around a new idea to help raise funds to fix our highways and infrastructure: a national driving tax charging motorists by the mile.

A driving tax could either replace the current 18.4 cent a gallon federal gas tax or, possibly, add to it.

Because greater fuel economy is letting motorists drive more miles using less gas, the current gas tax that funds the federal government’s efforts to build and maintain highways isn’t generating enough money.

A driving tax, officially known as a “vehicle miles traveled” tax, could close that gap.

While many see a driving tax as more efficient than the gas tax, there are privacy concerns over how driving information would be collected. Plus, lawmakers opposed to the idea say it places a heavier burden on motorists from rural states.

“It’s a true user tax,” said Ken Orski, publisher of the infrastructure industry publication Innovation NewsBriefs and a former transportation official in the Nixon and Ford administrations. “But there are serious political problems with this proposal.”

Although there’s currently no bill proposing such a tax, lawmakers are looking into it.

Earlier this year, North Dakota Democrat and Senate Budget Committee Chairman Kent Conrad asked the Congressional Budget Office to study the idea. In March CBO issued a report that said such a tax was feasible and had many advantages over a gas tax.

“Because highway costs are more directly determined by miles driven than by fuel used, appropriately designed [mileage] taxes can do more to improve the efficiency of road use than fuel taxes can,” the report said.

The CBO report came on the heels of two congressional commissions that recommended implementing such a tax, said Orski.

Webster, Dudley, and Oxford Tea Party celebrates Flag Day.

May 21, 2011 in Events

Please join us as we honor the Flag, the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and our Founding Fathers

Tuesday, June 14 –7:00 pm to 9:00 pm

Webster Fish and Game — 91 Gore Road — Webster, Ma

 All are welcome    Please visit our website —


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Loren Spivak speak will on the Ryan Plan and the economy.

An Action Plan for Constitution Week, Sept. 17-23, 2011

May 19, 2011 in Constitutional

Order the Constitution Week Educational Package from NCCS. Includes DVD, poster, pocket Constitutions & more!

An Action Plan for Constitution Week, Sept. 17-23, 2011

Patriots across the country are justifiably concerned that students in the public schools are not being taught about the founding documents which created our nation. In 2004, Congress passed a law which requires an educational program on the Constitution be taught in all public schools during Constitution Week.

In 2010, a Patriot in Florida brought the requirement to the attention of his local school district and asked what program would be offered. He was stunned to learn the school district was unaware of the law and no plans had been made to comply with it.

He suggested Tea Party Patriots mount a national campaign for 2011 Constitution Week to pressure our public schools to comply with the law. The response from local coordinators was uniformly positive: We must pressure the public schools to teach the Constitution!

Patriots should not have to remind schools to teach the history of the most important document in our country. That we have to do so is an indication of how awful the public school system has become with regard to teaching U.S. history.

We have designed a simple plan to achieve this goal. It will be most effective if we can launch a national campaign in all 50 states. 

How it Works: We ask that you send a series of 3 letters to the superintendent of schools, school board and local media in your community.  Letters can be mailed, emailed, or faxed.

May 2011 – Send Letter #1:  This letter asks the superintendent and school board if they have plans to teach the Constitution as required by law. It lets the district know we are aware of the law and we expect it to be followed. It also suggests a curriculum the schools can purchase from the National Center for Constitutional Studies which can be used to meet the requirements. The NCCS program also meets standards for historical accuracy.

Download Letter #1 as a Word document and fill in the blanks with the name of your district, superintendent, etc. 

August 2011 – Send Letter #2:  This letter is a follow-up to the May message. It is similar to the first letter, but it asks the superintendent to let you know what specific plans the district has in place.

Download Letter #2 as a Word document and fill in the blanks with the name of your district, superintendent, etc. 

First week of September – Letter #3 to local media: This letter should be sent to the media in your community.  It informs them of the law and describes our efforts to be sure it is observed appropriately during Constitution Week. It asks the media to contact the schools to see what plans they have in place, and if not, why not?

Download Letter #3 as a Word document and fill in the blanks with the name of your district, superintendent, etc. 

These letters can be personalized for use in your community.  We need to contact as many school districts as possible to let them know we are serious about educating our children in the principles of the Founders. We expect districts to observe the law.

If you find resistance from your district superintendent or administrators toward implementing the program, please let your Tea Party group know, and then contact the media in your community.

If some schools in your district refuse to comply with law, then consider doing what Tea Partiers do best: Protest! Organize a rally at the school, with a clear message: We demand that students be taught the meaning and significance of the fundamental documents that created our incomparable nation.

Order the Constitution Week Educational Package from NCCS. Includes DVD, poster, pocket Constitutions & more!