Virginia Official Prepares to Sue Feds Over Illegal Immigrant Charged with Killing a Nun

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Corey Stewart, a county lawmaker in Virginia, is threatening to sue the Department of Homeland Security if it doesn’t provide info on illegal immigrants released from custody.

A top Virginia official is preparing to sue the Department of Homeland Security for information about illegal immigrants his county delivered into federal custody — a case fueled by his claim that 10 percent of the nearly 4,000 illegal immigrants turned over were subsequently re-arrested in the same place.

Corey Stewart, chairman of the Prince William County Board of Supervisors, is gearing up for a lawsuit over immigration documents for the second time this year. His county filed a lawsuit in March to obtain documents about an illegal immigrant charged last year with killing a nun in an drunken driving crash. He said Wednesday that the county plans to file a second lawsuit in the coming weeks in federal court. Officials want more detailed information about the 3,800 illegal immigrants turned over to federal immigration agents since 2007. 

Stewart told that since the county started turning over those prisoners, 380 have been re-arrested in Prince William County and turned over again. The incidents have fueled his concern that too many illegal immigrants are being released just because they haven’t yet committed a serious or deadly crime. 

“Ten percent — that’s an amazing number, because those are just those individuals who came back into the community, committed another crime and got re-arrested for that crime,” Stewart said, speculating that the actual number of those released is “a lot higher than 10 percent.” 

He said the Department of Homeland Security gave the county some information on those prisoners after an information request was filed last fall, but he described that file as incomplete. 

Though Stewart complained the file did not include individual identification, DHS has claimed that it has to adhere to its privacy policy. 

DHS has acknowledged that not every illegal immigrant turned over to them will necessarily stay in federal custody. While violent criminals are detained on a mandatory basis, those charged with less severe crimes are evaluated on a case-by-case basis, according to the department. 

The department has sought to sweep up and deport the most serious criminal offenders. The administration on Tuesday announced that federal agents in May swept up 2,400 illegal immigrants in what was described as the largest operation of its kind. Many will be automatically put on the list for deportation, though some will have their cases brought before an immigration judge. 

But Stewart argues that federal immigration officials should be deporting most illegal immigrant offenders who are arrested. 

“The public shouldn’t have to wait for these individuals to commit a serious violent felony in order to be deported,” he said. “They should be deported as soon as they show an inclination toward criminal activity.” 

Stewart’s county since last year has been the scene of two deadly incidents involving illegal immigrants with prior records in the U.S. Months after the high-profile crash that killed a nun in Prince William County, another illegal immigrant was arrested in February and charged in a killing spree that left three dead and three wounded. That individual had been ordered deported in 2002 after he was caught trying to enter the country illegally but was subsequently allowed to stay. 

However, according to DHS, his special status was revoked in 2006, making him a fugitive. Still, he managed to slip through the fingers of law enforcement in 2008 when he was arrested for drinking in public. As punishment, he received a fine at the time and presumably was let go. 

Stewart’s county has since received DHS documents regarding the suspect in the nun’s death, but has not yet dropped its lawsuit.

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The following Video Update on June 30 lifts the veil from ICE’s claim that releasing documents would result in a violation of the Illegal Alien’s Right of Privacy!

Dodd-Frank Finance Reform Bill Costing American Jobs

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Charlie Gasparino with FoxNews is breaking the story that the Dodd-Frank Finance Reform Bill that Scott Bown allowed to happen by providing the 60th vote for Cloture, thereby allowing the bill to become Law, is driving thousands of Financial jobs overseas.   

Goldman Sachs alone is adding a thousand jobs in Singapore  and will also expand into Brazil and India. Other major financial institutions will follow the same path. Thank you Senators Scott Brown and John Kerry and Representative Barney Frank for conspiring to write an onerous Reform Bill that over regulates, regulates for regulation’s sake, increases Government Regulatory Jobs while becoming the prime motivator for moving high paying American jobs overseas.


Media Lashes Out at Michele Bachmann

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Media Lashes Out at Michele Bachmann

Why is press so vicious to GOP presidential candidates?

Urgent: We must stop another bad idea (S. 679) in the Senate

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Speed Up Nominations and Confirmations, but Do Not Enact S. 679

To err is human but to really screw things up, you need the United States Senate.   A really horrible bill is in front of the United States Senate today and we need to call our Senators to make sure this bill gets killed.

 S. 679 is called the “Presidential Appointment Efficiency and Streamlining Act of 2011.”  It will reduce the number of Presidential appointments that require confirmation from the Senate.

 Our founding fathers, when they wrote the Constitution, feared the accumulation of power.  So they put a series of checks and balances in place.  One of them was the President could appoint top officials, but that appointment could only take place with the advice and consent of the Senate.  The appointments clause of the Constitution states that the President:

 … shall nominate, and by and with the Advice and Consent of the Senate, shall appoint Ambassadors, other public Ministers and Consuls, Judges of the supreme Court, and all other Officers of the United States, whose Appointments are not herein otherwise provided for, and which shall be established by Law: but the Congress may by Law vest the Appointment of such inferior Officers, as they think proper, in the President alone, in the Courts of Law, or in the Heads of Departments

 The problem the Senate has is they think the process is too slow.  So, instead of speeding up the process themselves or compelling the Executive Branch to speed up the process, they simply want to abdicate their role.   Liberals don’t like that whole Constitutional thing anyway and think a liberal President can do no wrong.  Republicans are too busy being codependent, wanting liberals to like them and making sure they can be on time to their next trendy Washington cocktail party.

 This bill currently has 17 cosponsors.  They are the usual suspects, including: 

Sen Alexander, Lamar [TN] – 3/30/2011  
(202) 224-4944

Sen Bennet, Michael F. [CO] – 6/21/2011  (202) 224-5852

Sen Bingaman, Jeff [NM] – 3/30/2011 
(202) 224-5521

Sen Blumenthal, Richard [CT] – 3/30/2011   (202) 224-2823

Sen Brown, Scott P. [MA] – 3/30/2011     (202) 224-4543

Sen Carper, Thomas R. [DE] – 3/30/2011 
(202) 224-3521

Sen Collins, Susan M. [ME] – 3/30/2011 
(202) 224-2523

Sen Durbin, Richard [IL] – 3/30/2011 
  (202) 224-2152

Sen Johanns, Mike [NE] – 3/30/2011 
    (202) 224-4224

Sen Kyl, Jon [AZ] – 3/30/2011 
                 (202) 224-4521

Sen Lieberman, Joseph I. [CT] – 3/30/2011 
  (202) 224-4041

Sen Lugar, Richard G. [IN] – 3/30/2011            (202) 224-4814

Sen McConnell, Mitch [KY] – 3/30/2011          (202) 224-2541

Sen Murray, Patty [WA] – 6/21/2011                 (202) 224-2621

Sen Reed, Jack [RI] – 3/30/2011                      (202) 224-4642

Sen Reid, Harry [NV] – 3/30/2011                    (202) 224-3542

Sen Whitehouse, Sheldon [RI] – 3/30/2011    (202) 224-2921

(the dates are when the Senator became a co-sponsor)

Four Big Lies

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Big Lie #1  “Obama Inherited this Mess”

Fact: President Obama increased spending and the size of government more than all previous presidents (from George Washington through George Bush) COMBINED.

Big Lie # 2 There’s no way to cut enough spending. So we must raise the debt ceiling.

Fact: The problem is not that congress can’t cut spending. The problem is that congress doesn’t want to cut spending. There’s a big difference.

Big Lie # 3 We can haggle for some really great deals now that we have them over a barrel.

Fact:  Frighteningly, many of the republicans in congress trust the promises made to them by their fellow members. They haven’t learned that there always turns out to be a loophole, or an unforeseen” circumstance, or just an outright betrayal that ends up benefiting socialism and thwarting conservatism. 

When is the last time anyone can remember the republicans making a “deal” with the democrats that didn’t result in the American people getting shafted?

Big Lie #4You just don’t understand all of the complicated details. Let us handle it. We’re smart.

Fact:  When you’re standing face-to-face with a member of congress and they tell you how great they are at running the economy, it’s difficult not to laugh so hard that you temporarily lose consciousness.  But many of them manage to say it with a straight face.  It’s almost as if they honestly think they know what they’re doing.

The Future of the Light Bulb Ban

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A bill to repeal the incandescent Light Bulb Ban will be coming up in July. Tell your Representative that if they wish to create jobs and have American workers compete, that this bill needs to be passed, At a time when the EPA is BANNING COAL from Power Plants because of Mercury contamination , they are allowing Mercury to be used in hundreds of millions of Compact Fluorescent Bulbs (CFBs)  and require Mercury contamination procedures to be followed if a CFB breaks.  Incandescent bulbs contain no Mercury, can be produced and sold cheaply in the US.

McCain-Kerry Libyan War Resolution with Scott Brown Concurring

June 22, 2011 in Constitutional


“The War Powers Act deadline that required President Obama to pull U.S. military forces from NATO’s war on Libya has come and gone. Not to worry, the usual bipartisan cabal is coming to the rescue. Senators John Kerry and (who else) John McCain cobbled together a hasty resolution to give Congress’s blessing to the president’s confused military adventure.”

I called Scott Brown’s Washington office and his aide  rattled off his talking points that basically concur with the McCain-Kerrry position. In March,” Senator Scott Brown said this morning he supports the unfolding wave of U.S. air strikes on Libya, saying they are necessary to stop the killing of innocent civilians.” Meanwhile civilians were recently killed by an errant NATO bomb that most likely was made in the USA.

I explained that at a time when our economy is at a financial precipice, we are engaged in FOUR Arab wars (Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, and Yemen) and are financing the rise of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood through our majority support in the International Monetary Fund IMF. On May 28, 2011 the blockaded Rafah border crossing connecting Gaza with Egypt was officially opened by the Egyptian authorities and the Hamas government, thereby opening a  smuggling route for weapons that will be used against Israel.

Additionally, the Obama Middle East Policy is insuring that “Egypt’s shifts are likely to alter the balance of power in the region, allowing Iran new access to a previously implacable foe and creating distance between itself and Israel…”

The Obama Administration’s sleight of hand Middle East Policy while  appearing to be humanitarian in purpose is actually responsible for the awakening and formation of a new Militant Arab League that is in process of  including  Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Bahrain, Syria and Iran.

Keep the Governor’s Council in Massachusetts to protect Democracy

June 21, 2011 in Constitutional

It would appear that both Republicans and Democrats are in league with each other to do away with another Massachusetts basic Constitutional Right. Senate President Therese Murray, Senate Majority Leader Fred Berry, D-Peabody, Sen. Barry Finegold, D-Andover,  Sen. Steven Baddour, D-Methuen,  Senator Bruce Tarr, R-Gloucester, Sen. Robert Hedlund, R-Weymouth, and Sen. Brian A. Joyce, D-Milton among others are all of the same mindset which is to remove the Governor’s Council.  Ostensibly, can you believe, to save the taxpayers’ money! The real reason is that Mary-Ellen Manning, a Democrat on the Council, was recently  joined by two Republicans and they are upsetting the patronage applecart. You have to understand that in order to get a judgeship in MA; you have to pay your dues to a State Senator, to a Representative or to a Party campaign chest. Judicial hopefuls traditionally grease the skids by having family and friends make substantial political donations to insure that they get their LIFETIME appointment. Competence and or experience is not necessarily a required ingredient for an appointment.

Prior to the last election cycle, Mary-Ellen Manning had been a fierce and faithful protagonist against incompetent and or unqualified judicial nominees. It was no surprise then that the Governor hand picked a primary challenger against Mary-Ellen because of her unwavering diligence on behalf of The People she was elected to represent and for interfering with richly deserved political patronage.  

You see, they want to replace the elected board with an appointed board. A board that would be a rubber stamp for all appointments by the Governor. Too bad if it sticks a dagger into the heart of Justice. Everyone knows, after all, that Justice is Blind, Deaf and very Dumb so it might as well be placed out of its misery.

So, you should know that the deafening silence in the media and from both parties regarding the Abolition of the Council at the July 13th Constitutional Convention, must be a “Call To Action” for all Citizens in the Commonwealth to come to the aide of their Governors Councilors, and in effect to come the aide of their own best interest and  for the best  interest of future generations.

So call your State Senators and Representatives and tell them to vote NO! You can find their telephone numbers by going to:

KUHNER:Obama, the new Caesar

June 20, 2011 in Constitutional

 The Washington Times Online Edition

“President Obama has crossed the Rubicon. He now believes – and acts – as if he is above the law; the Constitution no longer applies to him. This is the real meaning behind the U.S. military intervention in Libya. Mr. Obama is abrogating the linchpin of our democracy: the rule of law.

Moreover, the rebels – contrary to Mr. Obama’s spin – are not pro-democracy freedom fighters. Many of them are Muslim fundamentalists who seek to forge an Islamist Libya.”

Massachusetts School Surveys 7th-Graders on Oral Sex

June 16, 2011 in School

A middle school in Massachusetts is under fire for requiring children to complete a graphic sex survey — without parental knowledge or consent — that included questions about sexual partners and oral sex.

The Rutherford Institute, a civil liberties organization, filed a complaint with the U.S. Dept. of Education against the Fitchburg School Committee. They are representing the two middle school-aged daughters of Arlene Tessitore.

Tessitore said her daughters, both students at Memorial Middle School, were told they had to complete a Youth Risk Behavior Study.

“Kids were actually told to sit down and take them,” said John Whitehead, president of The Rutherford Institute. “The parents here are very upset.”

Whitehead said the girls were deeply disturbed by the subject matter of the study – including questions about suicide, drug use and sexual behavior.

“One of the questions is, ‘have you ever had oral sex,’” Whitehead said. “You’re talking about kids who probably don’t even know what oral sex is.”

He said the survey also delved into even more graphic language.

“It’s adult material,” he told Fox News Radio, noting that one question asked students what method they used to prevent pregnancy during their last sexual encounter.

“It goes down a whole list, including birth control pills, condoms and one of the answers is ‘withdraw,’” Whitehead said. “Adults know what this is, but kids have to imagine or go online to find out what it means.”

Principal Fran Thomas told Fox News Radio that students were indeed given the survey – and admits it was graphic. But Thomas said the school has nothing to do with the content and they were required to administer the survey to fulfill a grant requirement.

“I can take no responsibility for what’s on that survey,” Thomas said. “It’s not generated by the school system.”

Thomas said the survey was funded by a federal grant and administered by LUK Inc., a local social services agency — in coordination with the Centers for Disease Control.

The organization’s leader did not return numerous calls for comment. But according to its website, LUK, Inc.’s mission is to “challenge and support youth & families to recognize and fulfill their unique and productive potential through community-based prevention, intervention and education services.”

A spokesperson for the CDC denied any involvement in the Fitchburg sex survey. The CDC said only seven states and six urban districts include sexual identity questions on their YRBS surveys – and the questions are optional.

But Principal Thomas disputed that notion.

“It was not optional,” he said. “It’s part of a grant that they applied for and the district said you have to administer this survey.”

According to Whitehead, parents were sent a “passive consent” opt-out form. However, Tessitore said she never received the form and never gave permission for her daughters to take part in the survey.

“It was a case of the school telling parents what they were going to do,” he said. “If parents want their kids to answer these kinds of questions as federal law requires, they should give written consent. But if they don’t give consent, I don’t think public officials should be asking children such questions.”

Thomas said he understands the concerns expressed by the parents. But should the middle school be asking children questions about oral sex?

“That’s not a question I’d be asking,” Thomas said. “That’s not information that needs to be gathered in an indiscriminate manner – asking every single student these sorts of questions.”

Thomas said it wasn’t appropriate. “I think there are many things that schools are called upon to do because they think they’ve got a captive audience,” he noted.

Whitehead wants the Department of Education to step in and demand that the Fitchburg school follow the law when it comes to parental consent.

“Parents send their children to public schools to receive an education; not to become subjects of governmental data mining,” Whitehead said.