Keep the Governor’s Council in Massachusetts to protect Democracy

June 21, 2011 in Constitutional

It would appear that both Republicans and Democrats are in league with each other to do away with another Massachusetts basic Constitutional Right. Senate President Therese Murray, Senate Majority Leader Fred Berry, D-Peabody, Sen. Barry Finegold, D-Andover,  Sen. Steven Baddour, D-Methuen,  Senator Bruce Tarr, R-Gloucester, Sen. Robert Hedlund, R-Weymouth, and Sen. Brian A. Joyce, D-Milton among others are all of the same mindset which is to remove the Governor’s Council.  Ostensibly, can you believe, to save the taxpayers’ money! The real reason is that Mary-Ellen Manning, a Democrat on the Council, was recently  joined by two Republicans and they are upsetting the patronage applecart. You have to understand that in order to get a judgeship in MA; you have to pay your dues to a State Senator, to a Representative or to a Party campaign chest. Judicial hopefuls traditionally grease the skids by having family and friends make substantial political donations to insure that they get their LIFETIME appointment. Competence and or experience is not necessarily a required ingredient for an appointment.

Prior to the last election cycle, Mary-Ellen Manning had been a fierce and faithful protagonist against incompetent and or unqualified judicial nominees. It was no surprise then that the Governor hand picked a primary challenger against Mary-Ellen because of her unwavering diligence on behalf of The People she was elected to represent and for interfering with richly deserved political patronage.  

You see, they want to replace the elected board with an appointed board. A board that would be a rubber stamp for all appointments by the Governor. Too bad if it sticks a dagger into the heart of Justice. Everyone knows, after all, that Justice is Blind, Deaf and very Dumb so it might as well be placed out of its misery.

So, you should know that the deafening silence in the media and from both parties regarding the Abolition of the Council at the July 13th Constitutional Convention, must be a “Call To Action” for all Citizens in the Commonwealth to come to the aide of their Governors Councilors, and in effect to come the aide of their own best interest and  for the best  interest of future generations.

So call your State Senators and Representatives and tell them to vote NO! You can find their telephone numbers by going to: