Is UN Agenda 21-ICLEI-Local Governments for Sustainability in your town or city?

July 6, 2011 in Uncategorized

What is UN Agenda 21/ ICLEI you ask?  That is the same question I asked, when someone posted on my facebook page, that Carver was a member of ICLEI (International Council  for Local Environmental Initiatives.

UN Agenda 21, was adopted by more than 178 Governments at the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED) held in Rio de Janerio, Brazil, 3 to 14 June 1992.
Many Americans are unaware that this UN One World Order-Agenda 21-ICLEI is sneaking slowing into their towns and cities.  I have found many names they use to hide behind there sneakiness-

Green Communities, green towns, Stretch Energy code, Sustainability, Green Energy Committees and so on.

When most towns and cities are up against it financially, given the current economy, they try to find ways to supplement the lost income from foreclosed homes, unemployment and vacated businesses.  These are called grants.

My town was looking to pass the so called stretch energy code yet again. It had been voted down a year earlier.  Upon doing research, making sure to understand all sides of the argument, I was amazed how if this stretch energy code were to pass, what it would truly mean for carver residents.  It basically opens the door for more intrusive greener sustainability for all home owners, small businesses, retirees, fixed income families. We are not talking about just lightbulbs, we are talking about having your home totally revamped up to the stretch energy code.  On the Mass. Gov. site, it goes in depth about how this only affects when you put on addition to your home, or if you were to build a brand new home.  They claim the cost are no more than $8,000.00 per household,.  Really?  To replace just 7 windows, under this mess, costs up to $8,000.00 and that doesn’t include labor.  They claim you will save tons of money by upgrading and will save thousands on your energy bill.  Really?  I talked with a small business man, who told me, that it has cost him double in his energy bills.  The Energy companies get tax incentives for pushing this, while we, the taxpayer, foot the bill.

Those so called grants are now becoming competitive.  Towns like Brookline, Cambridge, Newburyport and other towns signing on to get these grants are dwindling.  A town who once was promised $150,000.00, might now get $1,500.00.  So again, who ends up footing the bill? You, Me and any taxpayer.

I did find out that Carver was no longer a active member of ICLEI.  But that does not mean, they can’t sneak in other ways.  I talked to many people, who have been fighting this UN AGENDA 21 a lot longer than I have.  Key things to watch out for in your town: Be sure to watch what your conservation commission, zoning board, redevelopment, Board of Selectmen, Town Planner are up to.  Attend your town hall meetings and stay alert.  Research, research and do more research.  Tell others what you learn and pass it on.

The towns of Marshfield and Kingston are members of ICLEI.  Check out there Town Hall pages and see what this means to those residents.  Less property rights and more bigger government.  Are these elected officials aware that they are selling out the town folks with these so called grants? Are they aware what ICLEI is attached to?

This is just the tip of the iceberg. I have only just scratched the surface with this.

One person can make the difference.  By just sharing with others what they have learned.

Protect your U.S. Constitutional rights and tell the UN get out of your back yard and out of your town.

The Founding Fathers will thank you for it!

links for research…/b5_stults_tools.pdf