Caveat Emptor: Boehner Says There’s A Deal

July 8, 2011 in Uncategorized

 I sometimes wonder which side of the aisle Speaker Boehner is on! As part of the Washington establishment he , more often than not, appears to be more squarely committed to establishment principles rather than to Constitutional principles. He doesn’t seem to know the difference between our Debt Ceiling and Debt. and has gotten us into a corner by his tacit agreement with the Democrat’s tactical, but  artifical August 2nd, the Sky is Falling, date. It looks like we are being flim-flamed once again by the alleged supportors of We The People? Erick Erickson got it right with the following observations:

“We should remember the Speaker sold us a bill of goods on the continuing resolution. Ultimately, it wound up driving up the debt, not driving it down. The $100 billion in cuts wound up being a few hundred million dollars in cuts”.

“Given Boehner’s lack of leadership in holding the line on cutting, capping, and balancing, I won’t hold my breath. But I am curious to see if it is a deal worth supporting.”

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