Boehner House Bill Passes and Insures “The victory of the Washington establishment”

July 29, 2011 in Uncategorized

Speaker Boehner

Rush Limbaugh says that,  “I think we’ve been played for a bunch of saps, I mean not us exclusively, I just mean the whole country.” Meanwhile, Ron and Rand Paul Stated that Boehner bill that was just passed, simply changes the trajectory of our Debt and does not significantly eliminate it. As a matter of fact independent auditors are stating that our debt will Increase by $1T over the next year alone and over 10 years $7 to 8T.

Both Parties must not only take us for a “bunch of saps” but a bunch of fools as well.


Three smaller Debt Rating companies have already reduced the US Debt Rating from AAA to AA. After this Obama Redistribution of Wealth fiasco is over, Standard & Poors and Moodys will Follow suit and Boener will  not have only been played for a Sap but a Fool as well. He will also be responsible for the disintegration and ultimate collapse of our economy as well as “The Traditional American Way of Life”. Unfortunately for us citizens, the 2010 election mandate was not sufficient to overcome the traditional Establishment’s hold on the House and they elected a fool to wage war against  a Socialist and his Agenda that will put us all into bondage!



Posted by Judson Phillips on July 29, 2011 at 5:24pm in Tea Party Nation Forum

It took days.  It took brutal fighting.   It took arm twisting and probably flat out bribery.  The Washington establishment has won.  It looks like House Speaker John Boehner will bring his debt-ceiling bill to the floor of the House for a vote. He would not be doing that if he were not certain he had the votes.

 What does it mean?

 For starters, it means the status quo in Washington won.  The debt ceiling will be raised and there will be no meaningful spending cuts. Most of Boehner’s spending cuts are in coming years.  We know that is a joke as any congress in future years can simply undo those budget cuts.  How many times have we seen this in the past?

 It means that the GOP has turned its back on the Tea Party.   The GOP leadership used the Tea Party to gain power and has now told us where to go.  We do have some friends in the leadership.   But very few.

 John Boehner is certainly the worst Republican we could have landed in the Speaker’s chair.  It is really hard to say that Nancy Pelosi could be much worse. 

 The worst part about this is the fight was so unnecessary.  Boehner had already passed Cut, Cap and Balance.   Harry Reid killed the bill as soon as it arrived in the Senate.  He has promised a similar fate for the Boehner bill.

 If Reid is simply going to kill it, why have we gone through this?

 Today, Barack Obama (through his minions) has been on twitter today telling his followers to tell Republican politicians to “compromise.” When the hell is the party of treason going to compromise?   We all need to tweet back @barackobama and ask him why he won’t compromise.

 In his speech before the House of Representatives, Boehner has said he “stuck his neck out a mile,” to reach an agreement.  The truth of the matter is Boehner’s main goal has been compromise, not victory. 

 This is what happens when we put a RINO in charge who has no clear plan.   Compromise is not the goal.  Victory is the goal.  Compromise is a tool. 

 Boehner even announced he was putting revenues, the current Washington euphemism for tax hikes on the table.   Ron Paul said today that we need someone with conviction, not someone looking for a compromise. 

 The Tea Party needs to make some decisions for 2012.  The obvious move is what we have called for, for a while.  We must primary John Boehner.  If he survives a primary, we must make certain he is a one-term speaker. 

 We also need to recruit some good candidates.  We need to find people within our Tea Party groups who would make good candidates for office.

 For America, this is nothing but a disaster.  The debt ceiling will continue to rise.  There will be no cutting of spending.    Our economy will continue to sink and we will need to prepare for a very difficult future.