S&P AA+ rating on U.S. Sovereign Debt not Low Enough

August 6, 2011 in Uncategorized

Peter Schiff


Outspoken investment broker, bestselling author, financial commentator, and 2010 candidate in the CT Republican primary for the United States Senate, Peter Schiff doesn’t hold back in this scathing video incitement against Republicans, Democrats and Tea Party bashers.

“Our leaders lack the will to do what is right”  “…and the one thing we prove with this budget farce was that we don’t have any leadership or any political will in Washington to do the “Right Thing”.

“Everybody chickened out. The Republicans, the Democrats…”

“If you think the Tea Party changed the Republican Party, think again. They [Republicans] sold out those Tea Party principles”


“Any Republican who voted to increase the National Debt should be voted out of office.”