Local Agenda 21 in your town/city

August 12, 2011 in Uncategorized

As each day goes bye, the more I am learning about Agenda 21.  For the past twenty years, the UN and ICLEI have slowly infiltrated our home towns. How you ask?  They have come in helping our Conservation Agents, Planning Boards, Redevelopment Board, Town Planning board and many more.  The so called plan is being updated under Open Space and Recreation Plan.  This plan in your town has already been predetermined-consensus.  Surveys are sent out to the residents.  These surveys are geared to fool you. They ask questions like: would you like more open space, clean air and water? Would you like ball parks and bike paths? I mean who wouldn’t want clean air and clean water?  But these surveys are set up to bolster their agenda. When surveys are returned to these boards, they present it with rainbows and fluff. “This is what the residents are wanting and needing”.  what they don’t tell you is, these so called updated master plans-town master plans mean so much more than clean air and water. It gives these boards, more power, more of your money (they claim its all grant given-NOT) and it will regulate you out of your homes and small business will suffer. Some of these plans mention Cluster housing, Control population growth, and that single family homes and industry are a burden on the towns, they think its not sustainable.  They claim open space is far more lucrative and brings in more money than homes or industry.

The American Planners Assocation .is a group that get this ball rolling in your town. CLURPA is the new statewide zoning reform bill called the “Comprehensive Land Use Reform and Partnerships Act.” Which should be followed closely.

There are other non government groups that get involved behind the scenes.

What can you do as a citizen?  Go to your Selectmen meetings. Read these proposals with open space and recreation. Read your towns master plan. Make sure your Selectmen have thoroughly read these proposals. Most of them do not read it and pass it as is!  These elected officials are here to represent us and not bigger government! Time to stop the rubber stamping of proposals just because they think it looks good. Read between the lines of these proposals and what they really want at your cost. Watch your town boards and be alert to what they are proposing?  Educate others on what you learn. Google other town hall sites that have already implemented Conservation Restrictions on open space-private/public lands/town owned lands..

Get involved and let others know in your town what is going on and get them to attend these town meetings. Do your research and read about the Delphia Technique and what consensus means.  Those links can be found on the Freedom Advocates website.

Read all you can on smart growth, Sustainability, Green Renewable energy, Conservation restrictions on personal/public property and most important check out the State of Mass. Governors site on Dept. of Environment and Energy on their plans for being Globally, Environmentally, Economically, Socially compliant.

I know this is a lot to digest, but its crucial in protecting your liberties, your property and your constitutional rights.  We can make a difference, one person at a time.