Trust But Verify

September 13, 2011 in Uncategorized

In our state we have a major problem with people trying to promote a candidate just to intentionally steer tea party people into believing that their contender is Better for us.

This though their candidate’s record doesn’t actually agree with tea party Principles or beliefs. They also try very hard to make us believe that their candidate is the only one that can win.

 This, in a state where we have major problems changing our elected officials because we are led by an electorate that tries to force us to support people that have nothing to do with our traditional values.

Our state is experiencing major problems with some groups within the tea party movement who are trying to lead us astray, away from our founding principles.. The North Shore tea party and the mass tea party as well as other affiliated groups believe that we have to ensure that we are not guided by people, groups or parties that will lead us down the same road that got us into the mess we’re in right now!!!

 Massachusetts elected a lot of conservative state reps in the last election, who worked hard and were elected on their own initiative without virtually any help from their state party.

 Wake up people. If you are told something by me or by anyone don’t blindly follow that person or group until you verify the information. Like Glenn Beck said “Trust but verify”.


Carlos Hernandez

Massachusetts State Coordinator for Tea Party Patriots

Organizer Of The North Shore Tea Party.