Senator Jim Demint Speaks Frankly About Republicans and their Relationship to the Tea Party

September 24, 2011 in Uncategorized

I wrote about in the book , The Great American Awakening of what the grass roots movement did to change things in 2010. And actually we saw signs of that when you [Huckabee] first ran. But 2012 may be our [The American People’s] last chance to turn things around and what I want people to know is that the power to save our country is in their hands and we need to get them back engaged with the process. I want to be part of that and I’m going to follow where the grass roots go as far as the presidential race.

Senator Jim Demint


Huckabee: Let’s talk about the book because in it you said that something happened in you, a personal change because of the crisis in the country. What was that moment?

Demint: Well Mike when I first came to Congress and I was elected in 1998 and I was elected to the House. We had about $5T in debt and I thought that I was joining a Republican team that was going to reform the tax code fix Social Security, help people buy their own health insurance. And I’m afraid I ran into a Republican Party that was really focused more on getting re-elected, taking home the bacon and over the years in the House, I lost the confidence in the Party. And by the time I got to the Senate, I just decided that “My Team” was outside of Washington and I got involved as much as I could with the grass roots movement [Tea Party] and trying to replace not only Democrats but some of our Republicans. My Party Leaders did not necessarily get behind the folks like Marco Rubio, and you [Huckabee] were involved there early, Rand Paul, Pat Tomey. I knew these people would move our country in the right direction. So what changed in me is the realization that I had to change my Party or at least be a part of changing it before I could give the country a choice about which party they should vote for. That meant losing some friends in Washington, taking a lot of grief inside Washington.