Mark Levin’s Insightful Interview with Jeff Katz Regarding Romney, Republicans, Obama and other Issues of the Day

October 6, 2011 in Uncategorized

Mark Levin: To be honest with you, we have to keep our eye on Romney. I’m not supportive of a particular candidate or not. But he is running around the country sounding like chuck Schumer now on Social Security. And I’m thinking that , now wait a minute, you folks in MA. You get to live under this nirvana named RomneyCare. So I’m a little concerned about him. In Fact, I’m a lot of concerned about him. And I’m also concerned that I am not sure. I just haven’t focused in on,on somebody to defeat him yet.

Jeff Katz: You make a very clear distinction between those who are Conservatives and those who you know who like to put on the team jacketevery once and awhile and take a lap, but are willing to sell us out as easily as someone wearing the other uniform.

Listen to the rest of this provocative audio interview here: