The Real Mitt Romney By Tea Party Nation

October 18, 2011 in Uncategorized

Who is the real Mitt Romney?  Mitt Romney has been
trying to sell us on the idea he is a fiscal conservative for months now.  Of
course, that does not dove tail with his past.

Which is the real Mitt Romney?

There is no question that when Mitt Romney was the
governor of Massachusetts, he was a liberal Republican.  When he ran for the US
Senate against Ted Kennedy in Massachusetts in 1994, he ran as a liberal, often
claiming to be to the left of Kennedy.

People do change.  Could Romney have changed?
Possibly.  I could win the lottery too, but I’m not counting on it.

Romney left the governor’s mansion in Massachusetts
and immediately began running for President.  When someone moves from being a
liberal to a conservative, they usually have an epiphany of some type.  The only
epiphany Romney had was he would need to be much more conservative if he wanted
to secure the Republican nomination.

Who is the real Mitt Romney?

In 2005, Romney decided he was going to run for
President in 2008 and not run for reelection as the governor of Massachusetts.
From that date on, he was basically a lame duck.  So what did he do?

He consulted with Jonathan Gruber, MIT Professor and
in 2006, signed into law the Massachusetts Health Reform Law, which Obama has
said, was the basis for Obamacare.  Obama also consulted with Gruber to create

Romney consulted with John Holdren, who would later
become Obama’s science advisor.  Holdren is the same guy who has called for
massive, involuntary sterilization, forced abortion and the de-development of
the United States.  With Holdren giving him advice, Romney signed Massachusetts’
cap and trade law that went into effect on January 1, 2006.

In 2006, Romney started and Obama-esqe program called
the “Car Ownership Program.”  Welfare recipients were given cars.    Not only
were they given cars at no cost, Massachusetts paid for the car insurance for
the recipients.  Massachusetts also paid for car repairs and even gave them

People in Massachusetts started calling the program
“Free Wheels for Welfare.”

The program was not well known and continued on for
three years, until it became much better known, much more embarrassing and was
eventually killed.

Why all of the attention on the real Mitt

We have a narrow window.  In 2012, we will elect more
conservatives to the House and will take control of the Senate.  We are going to
need a conservative President who will help push through a conservative agenda
that will rip socialism out of government root and branch.

Mitt Romney is a big government Republican.  The Mitt
wing of the party is trying to gloss over that, by selling him as the inevitable
winner and the only one who can beat Obama.  Neither is true.

We will have the two-year window between 2013 and
2015 change the government and take big government apart.  If we fail, then the
Party of Treason will have won and we will never get rid of big

We cannot get rid of big government with a big
government Republican leading the charge.   We need someone who believes
government is the problem and that problem must be corrected.  Mitt Romney
thinks big government is just fine.

That is the real Mitt Romney.

The Real Mitt Romney