GOP chair pick Bob Maginn’s wife backs Occupy Boston

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This Has To Be a Joke!!!!!!!!!!

Occupy Boston (day 13) 12/10/11

GOP chair pick Bob Maginn’s wife backs Occupy Boston

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 The MassGOP Establishment:
Hypocrisy at its worse !

By Mercy Otis

Chai Ling, on right, wife of MASSGOP Chairman candidate Bob Maginn on left. She added her support to the Occupy Boston on October 12, 2011.

U.S. Senator Scott Brown and the Massachusetts Republican Establishment have heavily criticized Elizabeth Warren, the Democratic Favorite to challenge Brown for his Senate seat in 2012, for attributing her comments about being the one who founded the intellectual movement behind the occupy wall street movement which is growing across the planet as we speak as a result of the greed of the top 1% of the world controlling the majority of the world economy compared to the proletarian 99% who are fighting for their equal rights.

Recently, both the Massachusetts Republican Party and a special interest group led by Karl Rove, which only within the last 3 days have spent almost $600,000 in the Boston, Worcester, Springfield, and Providence TV regions criticizing Warren for taking responsibility of the populist Occupy movement.

This same group of Massachusetts Republicans is supporting Bob Maginn, failed 1998 State Treasurer candidate who was annihilated by Shannon O’Brian failing to keep Joe Malone’s treasurer’s seat in the hands of the Massachusetts Republicans.

In 1998, Maginn who at the time had $12 million in assets had pledged to use his personal resources to keep the seat. By the election, Maginn was heavily criticized because he used little. Maginn’s defeat was embarrassing. Today Maginn is poised to be elected by the Massachusetts GOP establishment to become Chairman of the MassGOP.

This is the same Bob Maginn whose wife Chai Ling, was the Commander in Chief of the student revolution in 1989 China in Tiananmen Square. Now the fact Chai Ling stood up for the Chinese is admirable, however Bob Maginn’s wife is the same Chai Ming who at the Occupy Boston on October 11, 2011 declared to the Occupiers that she would train them and help them as a leader.

The point is how can both Massachusetts Republican Leaders like U.S. Senator Scott Brown criticize and ridicule Elizabeth Warren for her comments that she created the “intellectual movement behind Occupy Wall Street” yet, Brown’s candidate for Massachusetts Republican Party Chairman, Bob Maginn’s wife is endorsing and stepping in as a leader for the Occupy Wall Street Movement in Dewey Square?




The election for the next Chairman of the Massachusetts Republican Party will be held on Wednesday, November 30th at 7:00PM at the Marriott in Newton.


‘Occupy’ has a lot to learn, a lot to teach

“They [the protesters] shouldn’t be underestimated,’’ said Chai Ling, an author and founder of a Boston education software company. She should know. As a leader of the 1989 student-led protest in China’s Tiananmen Square, she was responsible for providing tens of thousands of demonstrators with tents, food, water, and sanitation. On this night in Dewey Square, she was advising protesters on strategies for expanding their encampment and warning of the consequences when a nation’s young people lose hope for a better society.


“I feel their desire,’’ said Ling. “If it’s channeled properly, they can change America.’’


-Chai Ling

(Wife of Bob Maginn, MassGOP Chair Candidate)


Oct. 12: Tiananmen Protest Leader Advises Occupy Boston Movement


Former Commander-in-Chief of 1989 Movement in China Says “Occupy” Is Very Similar to Tiananmen Square

BOSTON, Oct. 12, 2011

—Today at 4 p.m., Chai Ling, former commander-in-chief of the 1989 Tiananmen Square student movement, will visit Occupy Boston protesters and provide them with insight and encouragement. Protestors are organizing a petition asking the city for a permanent public space for their assembly. Boston officials have given protesters a deadline of Oct. 15 to move from their current location at Dewey Square.

Two-Time Nobel Peace Prize Nominee to protesters: “This movement should be about change for 100 percent – not 99.”


“Without pressure to provide a public space for these protests to continue, the movement will not be sustained,”

said Ling. “This lack of organization also plagued the Tiananmen Square movement early on and reminds me so much of what we went through.”

A lack of organization is one of several similarities Ling sees between the 1989 Tiananmen Square revolt and the Occupy Wall Street movement. She believes Occupy Wall Street can succeed despite a critical need – one she remembers well from Beijing.


“The movement doesn’t have a leader and needs a leadership team to be effective,”

said Ling. “At first in Tiananmen, we didn’t have a leader. For days we could not agree. But when we did, we became a force that couldn’t be stopped, even when the tanks rolled in. If channeled well, this movement could bring profound change to our nation, but if handled poorly, it could result in a bloody riot.”

In a visit to Occupy Boston on the evening of Oct. 11, Ling spoke a word of encouragement and caution. “You’ve started something truly astounding, but the 99 percent are not with you, not yet – most of them are at home sleeping in their beds,”

said Ling. “They are confused when you use messages like ‘EAT THE RICH.’ When I sat with you, you were all about change, peaceful change. Show the world your message about making America better for the whole – the 100 percent – and more will join you.”

Ling will return to Dewey Square at 4 p.m. to share further advice based on her leadership role in the Tiananmen Square movement. “The whole world is experiencing this type of dissatisfaction,” said Ling. “Every 20 years or so, there is a new generation that rises up to make history, and I’m thrilled to see they’re here.”



Oct. 12:

Ling available for phone or on-site interviews from Occupy Boston
at 4 p.m. ET

On-site contact:

Tessa Dale, 617.275.9176

Chai Ling

is the founder of All Girls Allowed and founding president and chief operating Officer of Jenzabar, Inc., a leading higher education software and services provider. She holds a M.B.A. from Harvard Business School, a M.L.A. in Public Affairs at Princeton University and a B.A. from Beijing University. Chai Ling also established the Jenzabar Foundation which supports inspirational humanitarian efforts of student leaders through grant opportunities. A key student leader herself in the 1989 Tiananmen Square movement, Chai Ling was subsequently named Glamour Woman of the Year and nominated twice for the Nobel Peace Prize. Ling is author of the new book A Heart for Freedom. The hardcover memoir released on Oct. 4, 2011, and is available nationwide.


Endorsements for Maginn by MASSGOP Elected Officials


US Senator Scott Brown

Former Governor Paul Cellucci

Former Congressman Peter Blute

Former Congressman & State Party Chairman Peter Torkildsen

National Committeeman Ron Kaufman

National Committeewoman Jody Dow

Former Gubernatorial Nominee Charlie Baker

Lieutenant Governor Kerry Healey

Bristol County Sheriff Tom Hodgson

Barnstable County Sheriff James Cummings

Worcester County Sheriff Lew Evangelidis

Senate Minority Leader Bruce Tarr

House Minority Leader Brad Jones

Former State Representative & GOP Nominee for State Treasurer Karyn Polito

Former GOP Nominee for Congress Jon Golnik

Former GOP Nominee for Attorney General Jim McKenna

Former State Committee member Greg Casey

State Representative George Peterson

State Representative Elizabeth Poirier

State Representative Vinny deMacedo

State Representative Jay Barrows

State Representative Brad Hill

State Representative Rich Bastien

State Representative Angelo D’Emilia

State Representative Kim Ferguson

State Representative Paul Frost

State Representative Sheila Harrington

State Representative Steven Howitt

State Representative George Ross

State Representative David Vieira

State Representative Donald Wong

LETTER OF MASSGOP Legislative Caucus in Support of Maginn for MASSGOP Chair with signatures.



“Bob serves as Chairman of the Board of Directors and Chief Executive Officer at Jenzabar. As Chairman and CEO, he led Jenzabar’s transformation from a dotcom start-up to an industry-leading enterprise solution provider.”


, wife of MASSGOP Establishment Chairman Candidate Bob Maginn, speaking to the Occupiers at Occupy Boston in Dewey Square on 10/12/11

DEFAMATION LAW SUIT: Maginn and Chai Ling Vs. Long Bow



Chai Ling, known during the Beijing protest days of 1989 as the fiery “commander-in-chief of the Defend Tiananmen Square Headquarters”, has spent years pursuing the makers of The Gate of Heavenly Peace, a controversial documentary that examined the student movement of that year, with a flurry of legal action. But after becoming a Christian late last year, she says she’s dropping her case.

“After thinking it over, I instructed my lawyers … to make an offer to Long Bow’s lawyers to withdraw the suit,” she said. A Christian leader instrumental in her conversion said it was the proper thing to do, she said. “My decision is motivated by my desire to see God glorified through this, so that more people may come to know him.”

BOB MAGINN and CHAI LING get married


“Following her immigration to the U.S., Chai Ling settled in Boston, MA, where she met and married her husband Robert Maginn, Jr. Together, they built the software company Jenzabar, which now employs more than 280 employees. Chai Ling earned her MBA from Harvard Business School in 1998, and has been nominated twice for the Nobel Peace Prize. She has used her success to give back to the marginalized in China, helping fund orphanages and humanitarian efforts in-country. Last year, she pledged to give millions to fund organizations supporting human rights in China.”