The Massachusetts Tea Party groups along with the Mass Republican Assembly are being targeted.

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The Massachusetts Tea Party groups along with the Mass Republican Assembly (actual traditional Republicans) are being targeted because of our effectiveness and impact. An excerpt from an email sent by Celeste Martin,President of the state Federation of Republican Women. Romney supporter and partner in the establishment led RINO infested Mass GOP “leadership”.

Action Needed By you Contact Your REPUBLICAN STATE COMMITTEE MEMBERS  NOW!!!!!!!!!!!

Press Release

Massachusetts Republican Assembly Hosts GOP Chair Debate:  Event Sparks Clear Battle Between Conservative Base and Establishment Regulars.

While McNamara Taps Former Candidate Kamal Jain To Head “Financial Transparency Committee” — Maginn Resorts To Funding Threatened State Committee Seats For Vote; Conservative Base Rejects Business As Usual From GOP

Worcester, MA. November 13, 2011:  The Massachusetts Republican Assembly struck a nerve with upper echelons of the Party following Sunday’s GOP Chair debate in Worcester. What started as a vibrant surge of interest in the vacated Chairmanship culminated with two candidates in attendance. Moderator Bill McCarthy (MARA member and State Committeeman) first introduced former candidate for State Auditor, Kamal Jain, who briefly spoke on matters of financial transparency & in-state resources and concluded by formally stepping down, throwing full support to McNamara.

Since Maginn declined to attend, this left Frank McNamara alone to weather the barrage of questions from the four MARA panelists. However, it was a question from the capacity audience regarding Maginn’s $2400 donation to ultra-liberal, Chuck Schumer, that captured the crowd’s emotion and post-debate conversations.


I cannot conceive of any set of circumstance under which I would contribute $2400 to Chuck Schumer!”Frank McNamara, GOP Chair Candidate

      When pressed by Assembly panelists on the classic conservative ideals that dominate the group’s interests, McNamara seamlessly navigated questions with prompt unscripted replies that resonated with debate-goers. The mood of voters can best be illustrated in the results of the Straw Poll which yield a single vote for Maginn and remaining votes soundly in favor of Frank McNamara for the next Massachusetts GOP Chairmen. “The results of the Straw Poll clearly indicates that voters are looking for a profound shift away from the Status Quo,” said Steve Aylward, Vice President of the Massachusetts Republican Assembly.

GOP Machine Reacts to Conservative Push

      Merely days after the Worcester event, the differences between the two remaining candidates couldn’t be more obvious. In a leaked email sent to State Committee members only hours before the scheduled candidate reception AND State Committee meeting, Maginn, referring to Committee members facing a challenge in the March election said, “Our team will give you support as one of my key early supporters. Also wanted to let you know I’m looking in to setting up a separate fundraising entity that will provide funding to support State Committee member elections.” Some are calling it a flat out bribe and others say it’s just business as usual, but either way, under represented conservatives are not happy.


“As town committees struggle to find the resources to put up websites & get the word out about what they are doing – on the streets, where it counts – it’s a little hard to read that email.” – Kim


      The extent of GOP angst circulated quickly as word of ostracized groups bubbles to the surface. Establishment resistance became clear to conservative activists when the Republican Assembly and Massachusetts’ Tea Parties were named in correspondence from State President of the National Federation of Republican Women. “Make sure they take a look at the Massachusetts Republican Assemblies, as they are causing a huge amount of trouble in this state along with the Tea Parties. They are causing trouble with the MAGOP…” – Celeste Wilson

      The winds of profound change are blowing through the Commonwealth as battle lines are drawn between under represented small town conservatives seeking acknowledgment of their values and Party insiders that promise the Status Quo.

      In a memo dated 11/19, State Committeeman and NFRA Northeast Regional Coordinator, Mike Potaski, urged interim Chairwoman Kangus to avoid utilizing voting procedures that would compromise the secret ballot and allow for “intimidation” of committee members through precise identification of individual votes. Assembly & Tea Party members pledge to be out in force, on the night of the election, to evaluate election integrity.


The Republican Assemblies is the nation’s oldest Republican advocacy group with State Chapters located across the country. Our goal is to bring classic conservative ideals back to the Party platform and offer the conservative base a set of resources for local Republican advancement. We are known as:

The Republican Wing of the Republican party

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