Frank McNamara -MA GOP Chair Candidate interviewed by Jeff Katz

November 29, 2011 in Uncategorized

 When an architect designs a new building, its foundation is critical to bearing the intended load of the final structure. A poorly designed building foundation may crack, deform or in the worst case, collapse under the weight of its final design load. In this analogy the MAGOP State Chair is the architect and the building represents the members of the MAGOP. If we hire an incompetent architect, we may soon see the final collapse of the MAGOP. With its collapse go the final hope of ever turning this corrupt [Three House Speakers in a row indicted and convicted] one party state around. Therefore, we ask that you listen to Jeff Katz’s interview and ask yourself why Bob Maginn will not answer questions about his $2400 donation to Far Left and Republican denigrator Senator Chuck Schumer.  Whatever  your view, please make it known to your two State Committeemen who are your electors at tomorrow evenings election at the Newton Marriot.

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