Your Taxes to Pay U.S. ‘Climate Debt’?

December 12, 2011 in Uncategorized

Peter Johnson, Jr. weighs in

Here is yet another reason for the United Sates to abandon the corrupt United Nations. The UN climate 2011 Durban Conference in South Africa wants to redistribute wealth to underdeveloped nations via a new mechanism, a “UN Climate Court”. “The rules of the road the court would presumably enforce are based on the view that these developed countries owe developing countries a “debt” over climate change, and must provide financial aid in addition to taking major steps toward cutting emissions.”(1) However, if one were to even entertain the absurd idea that the carbon-dioxide that we exhale is a dangerous substance, the most egregious violators, China and India refused to sign on.

“The proposal is meant to “guarantee the compliance of Annex I Parties with all the provisions of this decision. Annex I countries are mostly developed countries, covering the United States, Britain, Australia, Canada and much of Europe — including countries that are struggling financially such as Greece and Portugal.(1)

Meanwhile Obama’s Envoy Todd D. Stern, not America’s working class Envoy, back peddled and, “He then seemed to endorse a European Union proposal to adopt a “road map” for future discussions leading to a formal climate change treaty to be completed by 2015 and to take effect in 2020.” We need to elect a President in 2012 that will unequivocally state that the United States will not participate in climatic Junk Science as a means of redistribution of wealth, nor will it have its citizens treasure be adjudicated by a non sovereign entity.

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