The Maginn Mockery Continues

December 30, 2011 in Uncategorized

Benedict Arnold Maginn

On November 30th, Bob Maginn was elected as the MAGOP State Chairman during a contentious State Committee meeting against anti-Establishment Opposition candidate Frank McNamara.

On December 23d Glen Johnson of the Boston globe reported that “Former Representative Peter Blute, who considered challenging Maginn for the chairmanship, and his fellow former congressman Peter Torkildsen, a past party chairman who helped steer Maginn to victory over McNamara, now have secured paid consulting contracts with Maginn’s company, Jenzabar Inc.” You know, Jenzabar was the company started by Maginn’s wife who incidentally also has an affinity for the Occupy Boston Socialist crowd, but that has nothing to do with Bob, you know.

For Real Massachusetts Republicans
– the mockery grows and grows!

Just in time for your morning barf – the Globe reports Romney-guy and newly elected [just 30 days ago] Robert Maginn gave Deval Patrick $500.oo.

This is in addition to the $2400.oo he gave to Chuck Schumer!

Why wasn’t this public knowledge BEFORE the election?

He says ‘his name and his company name Jenzabar were somehow misspelled on campaign finance documents…’.  Somehow?  Misspelled? How about deliberately…?

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