GOP Establishment Has Declared War on The Tea Party – Was the First Shot Fired Against MA Tea Parties?

February 1, 2012 in Uncategorized

In a post on Real Clear Politics on October 13th, 2011, Rush Limbaugh declared that the GOP Establishment had declared War on the Tea Party.  Nowhere was this more evident than in MA where, the Romney Machine sprinkled money and influence around the MAGOP State Committee and thereby managed to install a former Bain Capital employee/ loyalist as Chair of the MAGOP while crushing the campaign of Tea Party Reformer Frank McNamara.

At least one local Tea Party group defended Maginn by hiding or deleting facebook  posts on their site by other Tea Party group leaders  who simply posted the fact that Maginn, a nominee for the GOP Chair, had donated $2400 to NY’s far leftist Senator Chuck Schumer’s re-election campaign in 2010. Subsequent to his election, additional improprieties came to light about Maginn’s conduct. Namely that he had provided Deval Patrick with the maximum legal donation of $500 for his 2010 election campaign,   hired Peter Blute (Who considered  running  for the GOP chair ) and peter Torkildsen (a former GOP Chair), as consultants at his software strategies company Jenzabar   one week before the November 30th election!  Peter Blute was also subsequently named Deputy Chair of the MAGOP by bob Maginn,

Now a new story surfaces in MassPolitic Profs that states that Bob Maginn has hired another GOP operative, Rob Willington (who has been hired to update the Mass GOP’s “digital media plan,” and also works for Scott Brown’s campaign) as a Consultant in his Jenzabar company.

You can read the Rush Limbaugh story here:

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and the continuing saga about Maginn here: