Road To Repeal Rally

March 1, 2012 in Uncategorized

Mass Tea Party Will Have Buses Going to Washington DC

Info & Regitration Will be active By the 3rd 

Multiple Location Through out the state!

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Tea Party Patriots will host a rally on March 24, 2012, the Saturday before the Supreme Court hears arguments on ObamaCare. The goal is to bring as many people to Washington as possible to show the entire country that:

  • This issue IS NOT going away.
  • Right-of-center organizations opposed to this legislation will keep fighting until it is repealed.
  • We are still a big coalition of empowered activists willing to do what it takes to overturn it.
  • Americans are on our side: More than 50% want the law repealed, and when the national focus is on ObamaCare, that percentage jumps into the mid to high 60s.

Government run health care is the best example of everything wrong with the federal government.

It is financially reckless. No one knows what it will ultimately cost – or where the money will come from.

Additionally, ObamaCare will grow the federal government into every aspect of our lives. It will grow government into a massive bloated bureaucracy making health care decisions that directly affect you. In fact, the federal government must hire more than 17,000 IRS agents to enforce the law.

We need your help to stop Government run health care!
Join thousands of patriots who oppose ObamaCare. Come to Washington, DC and be a part of the Road to Repeal Rally on March 24.
ObamaCare is set to be heard by the Supreme Court of the United States the following week and we need your help to send a strong clear message to the big government types who are bent on trampling our personal choice and freedom.

Also Do not Forget  Tax day Rally on April 15, 2012 At the Boston Commons!!

Tax Day Rally – Mass Tea Party – Louie Gohmert One Of Our Featured Speakers Attending!!