Did you know there were “hundreds” of Hezbollah soldiers in America?

March 24, 2012 in Uncategorized


As the possibility of a war with Iran looms in our future, Congressman Peter King’s Homeland Security Committee has quantified the Terrorist threat to the United States. For years border patrol agents  have been reporting the real possibility that terrorists mascara ding as Arab refugees have been crossing our southern border

At a Wednesday hearing, House Homeland Security Chairman Pete King (R.-N.Y.) said that “at a minimum” there are hundreds of “soldiers of Hezbollah” inside the United States.

 “Now, how many Iranian and Hezbollah terrorists are here already?” said King. “The highly-disciplined soldiers of Hezbollah are trained to lie low for years, or for decades. Those who have gone up against this enemy for our government estimate the number to be at a minimum–at a minimum–in the hundreds. 

[iframe width=”100%” height=”630″ SCROLLING=YES src=http://cnsnews.com/video/washington/rep-king-minimum-hundreds-hezbollah-terrorists-are-us]