Mass Coalition’s April 15th Patriots Day Rally on the Common

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Brigit Fay Boston Tea Party Co-Founder speaking Photo by The New England Journal of Aesthetic Research.

“Last week in a statement, the Greater Boston Tea Party appealed to members not to attend the event on the Common. The statement said the Mass Tea Party Coalition appears to focus mainly on social issues, including opposition to gay marriage and abortion.

“We want to grow our numbers, not exclude people,’’ Christine Morabito, president of the Greater Boston Tea Party, said in Worcester Sunday.

Bridget Fay, an organizer of the rally on the Common, said the Greater Boston group is wrong to completely separate social and fiscal issues.

Often, social liberalism is quite expensive,’’ Fay said.

She described the coalition’s approach to activism as “more of an all-of-the-above’’ strategy welcoming social and fiscal conservatives.  Fay hedged when asked if she thought the coalition could work with the Greater Boston group to pursue shared political goals.

“It depends on whether or not they want to,’’ she said”.

 The speakers at the Boston rally did touch on social issues, but they also addressed such hot-button policy items as the national health overhaul passed in 2010 that is currently the subject of a landmark US Supreme Court case.

Texas congressman Louie Gohmert, the keynote speaker in Boston, decried the law during his remarks.

“Obamacare means the government has the right to control everything,’’ he told the crowd, which included many participants who carried signs with slogans such as “Freedom Not Socialism.’’

 The above Quotes excerpted from the Boston Globe  Dual rallies highlight fracture in Mass. Tea Party

 The Occupoopers attempted to disrupt, intimidate  and halt all of the speakers from expressing their 1st Amendment Right of “..freedom of speech”  They trampled all over our rights and even brazenly cut off our  power  through an unguarded door to the Bandstand. This is what happens when a political establishment kowtows to anarchists because of  a political agenda. Even though we had a legal permit and were assured beforehand by Boston Police administrators that our area could not be penetrated, a sole police sergeant on duty  allowed the   Occupoopers onto our Permitted Area thereby  allowing  them to attempt to perpetrate their mayhem.  However, our speakers exemplified the theme of this year’s Patriot Day Rally, “Patriot Courage” and carried on unabashed, troopers that they are.

Now  lsten to the debate between Rich Howell representing the Tea Party Coalition and Christine

Morabito representing the Boston Tea Party on the  Jeff Katz Show. You decide whose principles,

 values, and tacticts  represent the those of our Founding Fathers’ vision, our Constitution and

 our Capitalist economic system!   Click here to liste:       Jeff Katz Show Apriil 16th