MassGOP Pilfers Convention Delegates

June 16, 2012 in Uncategorized

What is the difference between  the MassGOP Convention election process and the Florida 2000 presidential  election chad recount process?  The answer is NONE! It appears that the MassGOP is singing the  the Florida tune: We  don’t like the election results so we will fabricate a means to make the election  go “Our Way.”

                  “There may be times when we are powerless to prevent injustice, but there must never be a time when we fail to protest.”  Elie Wiesel



Brad Wyatt

Massachusetts Liberty Caucus



17 Liberty Delegates/Alternates have been not certified.


We are disappointed that the Allocation Committee would ignore the Republican

voters of the Massachusetts Congressional Districts by refusing to even

communicate with the delegates after numerous attempts to reach out to the

allocation committee to discuss problems/issues with legality of the affidavit. The

continued arrogant attitudes and clear manipulation of the rules by members of

MassGOP leadership are a perfect example of why almost 90% Massachusetts

residents refuse to be a Registered Republican and active in the Massachusetts

Republican Party. Some elected delegates candidates had less than 40 hours to

review, sign, notarize, and return an unprecedented affidavit with an arbitrary

deadline to MassGOP headquarters. Ultimately, many elected Ronald Reagan

Unity Liberty slate delegate candidates that were just de-certified by the

Allocation Committee had turned in the original, MassGOP affidavit before they

met to make a decisions.

I am more disappointed that still, after last week’s endorsement of Governor Mitt

Romney by Senator Rand Paul, a leader of the Republican Liberty movement,

that the campaign staff of the Romney campaign would take the numerous olive

branches offered by the ‘Ronald Reagan Unity Liberty Slate’, and continue to

snap those olive branches in two, ignoring attempts for outreach and

compromise, and just simply disenfranchising the voters and activists that could

help Mitt Romney win in November’s General Election.

The mishandling of issues regarding the Provisional Ballots, 5th District

Challenge, and Affidavits will only harden the resolve of the Liberty Caucus

supporters, to work with the grassroots activists to re-build the Republican Party

in Massachusetts, and help promote Liberty issues such as Auditing the Federal

Reserve, and requiring Congressional Declaration of  War to fund a war. Most

likely, multiple challenges will be filed to the RNC rules committee, as the

MassGOP leadership decides to waste its time and resources fighting with loyal,

hardworking, grassroots activists rather than defeating Democrats.

Brad Wyatt

Massachusetts Liberty Caucus


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