Will Senator Brown Join Swiftboat Kerry in Committing US Citizens to a United Nations Global Taxiation Scheme?

July 1, 2012 in Uncategorized

Senator Brown is Among 20 Republican Senators that are  Refusing to Oppose a United Nations Global Taxation Scheme that is Intentionally Designed To Hand Over Our Sovereignty To The Third World.

The Obama Administration’s plan is to Implement several treaties over the next 6 months that signs over crucial segments of US Sovereignty to the United Nations. The first of these Treaties is the Law of the Sea Treaty which would redistribute a large proportion of our offshore oil drilling and mineral  profits to the United Nations to distribute among member nations! 

Our own Do-Bee Senator, Swiftboat Kerry, Chairman of the Senate’s Foreign Relations Committee, is leading the Obama Administration’s  charge in the Senate and is reported to be bringing in  in “Big Guns” to assist him in twisting the  arms of Republican Senators to pass this outrageous Treaty. A Treaty that not only bypasses the People’s House but once ratified cannot be repealed, not even by an affirmative vote to repeal  by the entire  House, the entire Senate and a future President!

The Following 20 Repuplican Members of the United States Senate have failed to sign Senator DeMint’s Letter Opposing The Law Of The Sea Treaty:

 The Hon. Lamar Alexander, The Hon. Kelly Ayotte( Junior Senator from New Hampshire), The Hon. Scott Brown, The Hon. Thad Cochran, The Hon. Susan Collins( Junior Senator from Maine),   The Hon. Bob Corker, The Hon. Michael Enzi, The Hon. Lindsey Graham(Senior Senator from SC), The Hon. Charles Grassley, The Hon. Kay Bailey Hutchison, The Hon. Johnny Isakson, The Hon. Mike Johanns, The Hon. Mark Kirk, The Hon. Richard Lugar, The Hon. John McCain (Senior Senator from AZ , Former Presidential Candidate and Senator Brown Mentor), The Hon. Mitch McConnell ( House Majority Leader), The Hon. Lisa Murkowski, The Hon. Rob Portman, The Hon. Olympia Snowe( Senior Senator from Maine) and The Hon. Patrick Toomey( Junior Senator from PA)