Where is America Headed?

July 3, 2012 in Uncategorized


Where is America Headed?



Written by Richard Cushing.


 It’s our own fault. It’s not like we weren’t warned.

Of course, most of the people who warned us are dead—having died long ago.

In his own way, Plato warned us. He said that there are really only two important questions     that will determine the course of a republic:

  1. Who teaches the children?
  2. What do they teach them?

Well, the greater part of a century ago—about two-and-a-half generations past—most Americans decided that the easiest way to educate succeeding generations was to turn them over to state-run schools with teachers trained in state-run colleges. And now—just now—we’re waking up to the fact that most of the citizens—products of a state-run education system—believe with all their heart and mind that the answer to almost every problem we face is (none other than) “the state.”

Who taught children? The state taught them.

What did they teach them? They taught them that “the state” is the solution; that collectivism—not individualism—is a better way; and that we are the problem and bigger government holds all the answers.

So, where is America headed?

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