Hey Mitt: Fight Or Go Home!

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Hey Mitt: FIGHT Or Go Home!

Posted July 7th, 2012 by ironmike

This election is NOT about YOU!

YOU don’t matter – so long as you promise to reverse the damage caused by this Kenyan imposter.


Stop being a Mormon Choir Boy; get on your stump and start fighting!


From Sun TzuUnderstand yourself
– then understand the enemy.

We get it – you grew up a pampered rich kid – but then you made your own money by virtue of your own hard work. You and Ann raised a good family.
BUT, is there fire in your belly for this fight?


Your enemy – OUR enemy is a manically clever utterly ruthless anti-American / anti-colonialist would-be dictator. His intentions are clear – to weaken and humble America in an act of anti-colonial revenge.


He lives in an imaginary world – but a very sick world.

His ugly, snarling wife shares his hatreds – so there is no mellowing effect. She enjoys the perks of royalty so much that she personifies the nouveau riche.

Together they are surrounded, aided, and abetted by a cartel paid for by George Soros. You are up against a ruthless mega-billionaire!




The American People are just waiting to accept you as their champion, – if you can prove you’re up to the job. But this isn’t like rushing a fraternity at Harvard. We want to see if you have the meat and the mettle to fight for us.

Start giving the voters a clear picture of America under your leadership.


–  Talk about bringing jobs back from China and India.

–  Talk about a TAX REFORM PLAN for the next 20 years.

–  Talk about repealing ObamaCare andREPLACING it with a system

– which allows Americans to buy insurance across state lines,

– which will include MASSIVE TORT REFORM,

– which will FUND QUALIFIED young people – mostly veterans – to go to MEDICAL SCHOOL.

– Talk about fixing Medicare

– Talk about fixing Social Security

– Talk about FOREIGN POLICY to include Russia, China, the ‘Arab Spring’, Israel, and Iran.

                   Prove to us that you know something about our military.

– Talk about REAL energy independence – not Obama’s ‘phony green agenda’


– Talk about appointing a REAL Attorney General and a REAL Secretary of Homeland Security.

– Talk about SEALING our Southern Border, and a guest-worker program with biometric ID cards.

– Talk about prosecuting those who allowed Fast & Furious to start, and to continue.


– Talk about ENDING VOTER FRAUD and WELFARE FRAUD, – and sending guilty officials to prison.

– Talk about auditing the Federal Reserve!!!

– Talk about PROTECTING our INTERNET and our 2nd Amendment Rights.

– Talk about ending the litigious tyranny of fringe minority groups.

– Talk about the short list you have for the Supreme Court.


Willard, if this isn’t in you – or if this just ‘isn’t you’ – then please go to Tampa and tell the assembled delegates that you’re ‘out of it’ – and encourage them to vote for Newt Gingrich on the First Ballot. Newt isn’t afraid of this fight.

In other words: Fight for us – or go the f**k home!

We can’t afford to lose this election because some panty waist wants to play by Marquess of Queensbury Rules!

/s/ Iron Mike
Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!