“Bubba” Clinton to the Rescue

July 30, 2012 in Uncategorized

Barack Hussein Obama and his calculating spouse have read the tea leaves and as downright dreadful as it will be, they have apparently made a back door deal with the Clintons to save his second term. The quid pro quo goes something like this. You, “Bubba”, like the snake charmer that you are, deceive our Democrat and Independent voters into electing me to a second term and Hillary gets her sought after nomination in 2016, without any Obama opposition.

It would appear that we are witnessing a double Machiavellian deal that has been struck between the Obamas and Clintons .The only potential losers being Freedom and Liberty loving Americans.  If we are charmed and Obama were to gain a second term, he would continue his onslaught against our Constitution and against our US Sovereignty, towards a One-World Government.  It is a theme that these elitists have been proclaiming for more than half a century. More recently we have, Bush 43, “Bubba”, Hillary, and Obama openly proclaiming the virtues of a world where there is no religious, political or economic conflict because they will all be regulated by government. My guess is that Bush 43 was just an unwitting accomplice .

I guess the question of the day is, will the propaganda and deception work? Have we as a nation become so intellectually dumbed down and so easily manipulated that the Obamas’ and Clintons’ are so self assured about the outcome that they are willing to bet their futures on it.