Allen West Visit to Lexington Green Sponsored by Gerry Dembrowski for State Senate

August 5, 2012 in Uncategorized

Gerry Dembrowski Congratulating US Representative Allen West  upon receipt of his “Citizen Patriot” Award

Col. Allen West’s visit to the Lexington Battlefield Green and Dr. Gerry Dembrowski’s Fundraiser in Winchester, was met with tremendous amounts of patriotic enthusiasm and support.  As retired military and an avid history buff, Col. West’s purpose in visiting the Lexington Green was to pay homage to Prince Estabrook in front of the monument erected to commemorate his patriotism and service to our country.

Prince Estabrook was a black slave and Minutemen Private who fought and was wounded at the Battle of Lexington, the first battle of the American Revolutionary War. An undated broadside from the time identified him as “a Negro Man”, spelled his name Easterbrooks, and listed him among the wounded fr a “Citizen Patriot”  Award to om Lexington. Born around 1741, he was a slave belonging to the family of Benjamin Estabrook from whom he most likely took his name.

Prince Estabrook was honored in 2008 by the city of Lexington with a monument erected in front of Buckman Tavern as being the first black combatant of the American Revolution and for representing the thousands of slaves who fought for their country even though their own freedom was not afforded to their people until almost a hundred years later. The inscription on the marker reads:

In Honor of Prince Estabrook — Prince Estabrook was a slave who lived in Lexington. At dawn on April, 19, 1775, he was one of the Lexington Minute Men awaiting the arrival of the British Regulars at the Buckman Tavern. In the battle which followed, Prince Estabrook was wounded on Lexington Green. Through circumstances and destiny, he thus became the first black soldier to fight in the American Revolution. — This monument is dedicated to the memory of Prince Estabrook and the thousands of other courageous black patriots long denied the recognition they deserve. — Donated by the Alice Hinkle Memorial Fund — April 21, 2008″

After paying his respects at the  Estabrook monument, Col West visited Buckman ‘s Tavern where surprised patrons once again spontaneously displayed their admiration and passion for  Col. West.  From Lexington, Col. West made his way to Lucia’s restaurant in Winchester where he was once again met with an outpouring of enthusiastic support. Gerry Dembrowski’s Campaign then presented the Col with the very appropriate “Citizen Patriot” award. We would like to thank Gerry and his campaign i folks for allowing us to meet  one of our Country’s foremost  “Citizen Patriots.”