MassGOP Chair Bob Maginn and former Congressmen could face jailtime for political and financial corruption.

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On November 17th 2011, the Rabid Republican Blog posted on Robert Maginn’s Bribray Offer and on December 30, 2011 they reported that the “Two Peters”, Former Congressman Peter Blute and  Peter Torkildsen  were hired as “Consultants” to Maginn’s,  firm Jenzabar.

These publicized blatant actions by Maginn gave rise to speculation that political corruption was afoot and calls were made for an investigation.

It would now appear that the ” …explosive Complaint filed in Suffolk Superior Court” could indeed result in jailtime or fines for all of the participants.


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MassGOP Chair Bob Maginn and former Congressmen could face jailtime for political and financial corruption.

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In an explosive Complaint filed in Suffolk Superior Court that could not only take down the current MassGOP Chairman, the current MassGOP Chairman Bob Maginn and two former Congressmen, Peter Blute and Peter Torkildsen, may end up in jail for political and financial corruption.

This past Friday August 17th, former Jenzabar Chief Financial Officer Alan MacDonald sued Massachusetts Republican Party Chairman and current Jenzabar CEO Bob Maginn for Political and Financial Corruption.

Of the explosive charges against Maginn, is that as both Chairman of the Massachusetts Republican Party and also CEO of Jenzabar, Maginn has been squandering cooperate money on political interests and illegally compensating employees like former Congressmen Blute and Torkildsen for their campaign contributions to Republican politicians.

Other explosive charges against Maginn in this court case, include MacDonald asserting that as both MassGOP Chairman and Jenzabar CEO, Maginn is also co-mingling party politics and fundraising money of the Massachusetts Republican Party with day to day business activities and business finances of Jenzabar.

MacDonald contends that Maginn has engaged in:

 “improper cooperate spending reduced the value of his equity in the company, creating a breach of fiduciary duties for shareholders…

If these charges are found to be true, the current Massachusetts Republican Chairman Bob Maginn will undoubtedly face criminal charges and jail time for trading business transactions and jobs at Jenzabar for political donations from the likes of former Congressmen Peter Blute and Peter Torkildsen, both of whom have donated tens of thousands of dollars to the party since December 2011 when Maginn was elected MassGOP Chairman.  Since Maginn’s election, he hired both Blute and Torkildsen as unpaid Deputy MassGOP Chairmen while at the same time hired both Blute and Torkildsen as paid consultants at Jenzabar.

Now this inappropriate relationship or as many would call it a “corrupt bargain” between Maginn and the Former Congressmen Blute and Torkelson has been brought to the public’s attention through the lawsuit by Mr. MacDonald alleging the political and financial corruption by MassGOP Chairman Maginn, Jenzabar, and these former Congressmen.

Blute was fired for his infamous drunken boat cruise with hookers in Boston Harbor while working as Executive Director of MassPort.  Peter Blute and Torkildsen were the last Republican Congressmen in Massachusetts serving from 1993-97.

Also named in the lawsuit being sued is Maginn’s wife and business partner Ling Chai.  Chai created unwanted controversy for her husband when last fall 2011, Chai endorsed the Occupy Wall Street and Occupy Boston offering the fledging socialist movement to be a leader for them and help them organize.  This controversy upset the conservative wing of the MassGOP party.  To read about this click on this link.

To read about the political and financial corruption by MassGOP Chair Maginn, these former Congressmen, and the innapropropriate “pay for jobs” deal between MassGOP donors and Jenzabar read the following Boston Globe article: “Mass. GOP chair’s firm spent on politics, lawsuit contends”


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