Greece Collapse Imminent – Stuart Varney

August 26, 2012 in Uncategorized

Greece Owes $325 Billion Dollars Twice The size  Of Their Economy! Do You think Their Be Able To Pay it Back?

Greece Collapse Imminent! – Stuart Varney
Greece Is Going To Crash Sooner Or Later!!!!

Merkel: Germany Wants Greece To Remain In Euro
By William L. Watts Published August 24, 2012 MarketWatch Pulse

FRANKFURT –  German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Friday said she wants Greece to remain in the euro zone, but repeated that she wants to see a report from the country’s troika of international lenders next month before European leaders decide whether to give Greece more time to implement austerity measures and reforms in return for its bailout. Merkel, in a joint news conference with Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras after a meeting in Berlin, said she was convinced Samaras’s new government is committed to solving Greece’s woes. Samaras repeated that Greece isn’t seeking more money but needs “breathing space” to implement measures while aiming to restore growth to the recession-wracked country.
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