Bernake’s 3d Round of Quantitative Easing Explained

September 15, 2012 in Uncategorized

We have a sociopath in the White House. A Sociopath is a person who lacks a sense of moral responsibility or social conscience.  Barack Hussein Obama went to a Las Vegas  for a fundraiser after briefly delaying his itinerary to speak on National Television regarding the death (assassination) of our Ambassador to Libya.  In the last four years, Barack Hussein Obama has destroyed  our economy,  driven up the price of gasoline and energy, forced Americans to accept Obamacare,  illegally advocated for Illegal Alien Amnesty via an Executive Order, engaged in a second Amendment plot via “Fast and Furious” in an attempt to disenfranchise gun ownership, stuffed the Supreme Court and lower courts with ideologue judges, stiffed us with massive failed stimulus packages, illegally disenfranchised preferred stock holders (GM),  had government takeover private enterprises  and has  punished job creators.

His final legacy will be Quantitative Easing  which means that the “Fed will print a ton of money” and will devalue the dollar. His lack of leadership in creating Fiscal Policy has forced Ben Bernake into a third round of Monetary policy. This in turn will create massive inflation  so that oil, food, medicine and all imported goods and services will skyrocket.

“Printing money is the last refuge of failed empires and Banana Republics and the Fed doesn’t want to admit that this is their only idea”

The following  video  explains Quantitative Easing: