The Hope and The Change

September 18, 2012 in Uncategorized

I am excited to announce that the new, highly acclaimed documentary “The Hope and The Change” will be broadcast on multiple cable and broadcast TV networks  – beginning tomorrow night, Tuesday, September 17th, on HDNet Movies at 7pm ET (click here for information on checking your local listings for the channel and schedule.)

The Hope and The Change is set to air dozens of times, reaching 130 million cumulative households, over the next few months – an historic first for any political documentary.

This smartly produced documentary will be shown on HDNet Movies, AXS TV, RFD-TV, FamilyNet, and Rural TV.  The film is also licensed to Lesea Broadcasting for World Harvest Television and their broadcast stations: WHMB (Indianapolis, IN), WHNO (New Orleans, LA), KWHB (Tulsa, OK), KWHE (Honolulu, HI), KWHS (Colorado Springs, CO) and WHME (South Bend, IN).

Please check local listings for channels: up-to-date information about showings will be added as soon as it becomes available.
It is important to note that these distribution opportunities would have been against the law a mere three years ago. This is why I went to the United States Supreme Court in Citizens United v. the Federal Election Commission – to fight for the right to produce a political documentary.
The Hope and The Change” exposes the hard truth that many Democrats and independents are suffering at the hands of President Obama’s failed policies, and we will aggressively market this film so Americans can finally have an unfiltered conversation they deserve.
Remember, this is the film that Sean Hannity called the “most powerful documentary I’ve ever seen!”  Please tune in and share this viewing information with your friends and family!
David N. Bossie
President of Citizens United
P.S. “The Hope and The Change” has the power to change many minds this fall.  That is why it is so important for millions of Americans to see it.  Please help us get this film out to as many people as possible by forwarding this message and spreading the world about the TV showings!