Law Prof Claims Elizabeth Warren Practiced Law In Mass Without A License – Kelly’s Court

September 25, 2012 in Uncategorized

Democratic Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren lists the address for her legal  practice as Massachusetts but no records show her having a license to practice  law in the state, according to an Ivy League law professor.

Cornell law professor William Jacobsen says he found no law license under  Warren’s last name or her maiden name, Herring, during an exhaustive search of  state records. Jacobsen said he also confirmed with a clerk at the Massachusetts  Board of Bar Overseers that Warren has never even applied for a license.

In addition, Jacobsen said he could find no record of Warren getting a permit  to practice law at the address – her law professor office at Harvard in  Cambridge, Mass., he wrote Monday in his blog Jacobson  also posted several legal documents that included the Harvard address.

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