An Election Message from Glenn Beck

November 3, 2012 in Uncategorized

November 03, 2012

Hello America,


We are three days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America, again.

On Tuesday, each one of us will have the opportunity to take part in our most treasured right as Americans. We will be able to walk into that voting booth, close the curtain, and cast our ballot not just for the man who will lead us for the next four years, but also for the direction we want to take our country for the next hundred years. Will we choose to continue on the road we have been down for most of the past century, a path that has led to bigger government, more dependence, and less personal responsibility? Or is it time to turn things around and head in a direction that finds solution in individuals, faith and family?
In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, it’s easy to throw your hands up in the air and say, “Yes, we clearly need a big federal government! We need FEMA! We need President Obama to swoop in and save the day! Please, help us!” Rarely, however, is the easy thing to do the same as the right thing to do. You will receive pressure from your liberal neighbors and the mainstream media as they hammer the message of big government. They’ll try and convince you you’re selfish, racist, and hateful because you don’t believe in turning to the federal government for help. They don’t understand that we believe that individuals can and will be the people on the ground leading the way in helping our friends and neighbors.

Just look at some of the stories coming out in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy to see where the progressive mentality leads us. In New York City, the Heath Department shut down a Chinese restaurant that was trying to feed people without food or electricity. Devastated areas like Staten Island and Coney Island are ignored by the Red Cross. Utility workers all the way from Alabama are turned away because they aren’t members of a union. In the height of insanity, Mayor Bloomberg was encouraging the New York Marathon to run as planned tomorrow while many areas are still without power and available resources decline. It was only after days of public pressure that he finally changed his mind.

President Obama says that we need to move forward. They say that we need to keep making progress. That government will be the key to turning around the economy. The truth is that we cannot continue down this path. But we know of a different way.

Politicians on both sides of the aisle believe they can make a better decision than you. And that is going to stop.  Because progress was not made by politicians. Real progress is made by the average people. As the radio theme song says — YOU will be the key.

We must begin a new chapter of American exceptionalism. A new century of American exploration and discovery. We won’t get it from one political party. One politician. One dreamer. We will get it when we rely on ourselves. On the facts. On the truth. And most importantly when we rely on God.

I know we face difficult choices. So do you. America is in trouble financially, people have gone astray, we have a weak economy, a weak dollar. We have put our troops in harm’s way too many times, on missions that don’t always make sense. And despite our military power, we are not feared, not respected, and not honored.

But you know what? I’m not afraid. And neither are you.



On Tuesday, I want you to go to the polls and vote for the principles and values that represent the America that you want to live in. One where small business drives the engine of America. One where success is celebrated, not vilified. One where faith and family shape the choices we make in our daily lives. One where people understand personal responsibility, and neighbors help their neighbors in times of crisis.

Even more importantly, make sure that your neighbors and like-minded friends are going out and voting. Drive your schlub friend to the polls if you have to. This election must be a mandate. We need to stand together and declare what we believe in. We can’t afford another election going to the Supreme Court. There shouldn’t be a question on where our country will be headed on Wednesday morning. You need to go out and do your part.

And don’t forget, it’s not too late to make one final push. Don’t be afraid to talk to your friends and neighbors about this election. Don’t let anyone tell you you’re wrong for standing up for small government. If you’re a faith leader, don’t let the government tell you that you can’t speak about the future of our country to your congregation. This is the most crucial election of our lifetime and we all need to do whatever we can to make sure that principles and values prevail.

America must return to her glory, be strong and fight for freedom. Not just with our might. But with our ideas. Our energy. Our freedom. I declare firm reliance in divine Providence.

This is your moment. This is America’s moment. It’s time to stand up and stand together.

It’s time to restore America.

Laus Deo,