Joint Resolution HJ 15 Introduced on the Second Day of the 2013 Legislative session To Provide Barack Hussein Obama with a 3d Term!

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On June30, 2009, Rush Limbaugh warned  that, “… I wouldn’t put it past Obama to be plotting right now how to serve beyond 2016…”   Incredulous pundits attacked Limbaugh’s prognostication with statements like,  “…Limbaugh, as usual, plays on the prejudices of his audience.”

In an October 2, 2012 Washington Post article, Why attacking Iran may give Obama a third term in the White House , Faheem Younus theorizes  that if we were to attack Iran to remove their Nuclear threat and it leads to a wider conflict, then:

“Wartime presidents can sell a Double Whopper to a vegetarian. As the festinate decision of bombing Iran turns into a global conflict, don’t expect our constitutional law professor turned president to decline his party’s suggestion: if it can be ratified; it [22nd Amendment] can be repealed.”

“He can’t do that; we have the 22nd Amendment,” you quip. Yes, we do. But imagine the destabilization the Iranian war will cause in a region which is home to a nuclear Pakistan, a bleeding Syria, and a wounded Russia. Add to it the perpetual Arab-Israeli conflict, with China and Japan posturing over deserted islands to its right and a mercurial Arab Spring to its left and all you have is red meat.”

Will Rep. Jose Serrano’s  legislative attempts to repeal our 22nd Amendment be a future model for its eventual adoption?  

President Obama could get 3 terms if H.J.Res 15 abolishes term limits

Barack Obama   January 5, 2013   By: Angel Clark


Americans around the nation were shocked Friday as they heard about H.J.Res. 15. H.J.Res 15 proposes an amendment to the Constitution of the United States to repeal the Twenty-second Amendment. This would remove the limitation on the number of terms an individual may serve as President. Rep. José Serrano (D- NY15) introduced the controversial joint resolution on Friday, the second day of the 2013 legislative session.

The last President to serve more than two terms was Franklin D. Roosevelt. Roosevelt served three full terms as President and was elected to a fourth term. Roosevelt died 83 days into his fourth term in office.

Congress passed the Twenty-second Amendment on March 21, 1947. The required number of states ratified it in 1951. There have been numerous attempts to repeal the Twenty-second Amendment, including a previous attempt by Rep. José Serrano. Rep. Serrano attempted to repeal the Twenty-second Amendment with H.J.Res. 5 in 2009.

Opponents of H.J.Res. 15 are being urged to inform their representatives of their opinions and to voice their opinion on

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