Oh Gawd, Here We Go Again!

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Another MA Governor is running for President and once again hopes to use  MA as a stepping stone. Deval like his good friend Barack Hussein Obama, who he visits frequently at the White House, is also a wealth redistribution Socialist.MA is the 4th highest taxed state in America and in the last decade folks voted with their feet and left the state in droves. Consequently we lost 1 Congressional seat.

Deval’s new Tax and Spend plan along with Obamacare, Increased Federal Spending and our MA structural corruption, is enough to make anyone want to exit MA. Our last shot at stopping this state’s 1-party corrupt machine is to elect a GOP Party Chairman on January 31, that can develop alternative political candidates that can challenge the outrageous confiscation of our hard earned treasure. Rick_IIIAs the following Blog post indicates,  there is a growing consensus that Rick Green is the man to turn around the  MassGOP and to champion Fiscal Responsibility,  Lower Taxes, smaller/less intrusive government and respect for personal freedom. YOU must contact your State Committeeman and State Committeewoman and urge them to vote for Rick Green.  You can also read more about Rick at http://www.rickgreenma.com/   Repost Courtesy of Rabid Republican Blog

Posted January 17th, 2013 by ironmike
I went to the MassGOP Chair forum in Lexington tonight.  I went to watch, to listen and to judge.Lexington Forum 17 Jan 13 I didn’t stay for the end – I didn’t need to.  OK, so I’m a judgmental old bastard, – combat and command will do that to a man. For better or worse, I now render judgment: I sincerely wish I could report that we have three sterling candidates.  We don’t.  We have just ONE. David D’Arcangelo is a good enough fellow from Malden – where he is a city counselor.  To his credit his opening salvo stressed the need for an urban strategy – and Republicans better listen to him on that. But, he makes excuses for where we lost races – without really addressing the obvious shortfalls, – and he in running on his ability to compromise.  Damnit – we’re not going to win the respect of independents until we stop compromising – and stand for Republican principles. Kristen Hughes is a long-term Merrimac Street volunteer and insider, once sang for Disney, was a key part of Scott Brown’s losing campaign, and was just elected to Quincy’s City Counsel. Her shortfalls are several – first and foremost she is almost a clone of Party Chair Barbie.  She does not command respect, and still has a little girl voice and giggle.  John Walsh will eat her alive. Her opening salvo – and first several answers were like cliché soup – and she used a lot of them. My eyeballs finally rolled when she said she’d heal the divides within our party with a ‘Unity Summit’.   OMG Kristen WTF do you think those quarterly MassGOP Committee meetings are supposed to be? So what are you going to do – toss some Pixie Dust and wave your magic wand?  By that point folks, – I was visualizing both John Walsh and Deval Patrick tossing her back and forth like a rag doll – or a Barbie Doll. A logistical issue she cannot overcome is being a brand new mother.  There is no way she can repair and rebuild our shattered party while caring for an infant.  Any feminist who says otherwise hasn’t given birth, – or gave her baby up for adoption.


I’d heard good stuff about Rick Green.  He turns out to be far better than I’d anticipated.  He has built his business from nothing to a $74 million / yearenterprise employing over 100 people.  That says a lot right there. Here’s the BEST PART!  He instinctively and easily talks like a Republican! He has a state-wide plan, – something that Nassour and Runty Maginn never did.  He knows we need to re-establish our brand! He’s willing to serve a minimum of 6 years [3 terms] – AND promises to leave a trained crew in place when he departs.  At THAT point my judgmental old mind was made up – he’s not in it for personal glory – he’s in it for his Country and his kids! He’s the only natural leader in the race.


Packed Hall right sideHughes brought with her a large Scott Brown cheering section.  To her this is a campaign – winning is important – and the fingers of Scott Brown are very visible. I hope to GOD we don’t become a Scott Brown party, – or we’ll be under 10% by the end of the year. I confronted Vice-Chair Momma Kangas again about the MassGOP’s lame website, and what did the MassGOP have to say about either Obama’s gun-grabbing or Deval’s gun-grabbing and insane budget – or his plan to make Heffernan a judge. I got a smart-assed answer “I’m the Vice-Chair, – I’m in charge of the vice!”  Jeanne, I told you I’d quote you if you didn’t give a thoughtful response. Muffy was there.  Her fleeting 10 seconds on national TV have come and gone – nobody is cozying up to her. Packed HallMy state committeeman Brian Burke,…wasn’t there.  No surprise. There was a goodly under-30 crowd.  Maybe there’s hope. The two state committee old-timers Helen and Sandy managed to pull the usual trick – holding the event in a room too small [they said they couldn’t get a school gym or auditorium?] – so the room was stuffed beyond what the Lexington FD would have allowed – it they’d seen it. – – – – – – If you live in Massachusetts – you better be on the horn to your twoCommittee Critters – and have them vote for Rick Green.  Otherwise it will be more of the same frustration and heartbreak, and more lame excuses after each election.

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