Barricades At WW II Memorial Are Back UP – Barriers being Re-Constructed

October 14, 2013 in Uncategorized

Our vindictive “Dear Leader” has once again shown his complete and utter disdain for America, Her hero Veterans and for those who are sworn to protect us, the National Park Service and Washington police. Let there be no mistake, this arrogant bully has given the nod for this outrageous behavior whose repercussions will haunt our country and Washington law enforcement for years to come. His vindictiveness in ordering the tying and strapping of  barricades together and sending armed Park and Washington police to guard the barriers is an assault against ALL Americans and our 1st Amendment Right  “…peaceably to assemble.”. Americans whose fathers, sons, daughters and loved ones gave their all to protect, and preserve their Country and whose honor and sacrifices are symbolized and preserved for generations to come in our National War Memorials and Monuments!