“A Seismic Shift in Obamacare Sentiment on Capital Hill” has Democrats Turning on Obamacare

October 23, 2013 in Uncategorized

Seismic Shift

While Senator Ted Cruz (TX) went home to a hero’s welcome, Senator Mike Lee (UT) found himself  in an unpopular quagmire as a result  of  our “Dear Leader”  and “Liar in Chief” Barack Hussein Obama’s unwarranted order to  barricade and close National Parks that resulted in nine UT  counties declaring an economic  state of emergency.

This just goes to prove that the price of freedom is not free and that  a few of our “Washington Patriots” will have to pay a price. One of the things that Progressives understand is  is that in today’s society,  sacrifice for the greater good is a virtue that has been on the wane which allows them to exploit political circumstances  without much fear of  repercussions.

Senators Ted Cruz and Mike Lee placed their careers and fortunes on the line because they understood that their sacrifice was necessary to safeguard the future of America, their families and generations to come.

Even now, Ted Cruz and Mike Lee are excoriated by the leadership in their own party as much as from the   Obamanite pinheads. Meanwhile, because of the sunlight brought to bear by these two patriots, even the Democrats are beginning to understand the physical and economic devastation that lurks in the future from Obamacare.