Has Ryan and Priebus Ruined the Freedom Caucus’s Meetings With Trump, as Representative Louie Gohmert has stated?

April 5, 2017 in Obamacare Repeal

Why has President Trump gone to “War” against the Republican Freedom Caucus over refusing to capitulate over the Healthcare debacle when they had his back during his Presidential Campaign even while Speaker Paul Ryan and the “Establishment” Republicans refused to support or endorse him?

Former 2016 Trump campaign adviser Roger stone is reporting:

“Here is the sad truth. The president’s Healthcare Bill was drafted by former Speaker John Boehner and a team of lobbyists. It was passed to Ryan. Ryan passed it to Priebus. Priebus passed it off to the President, and did him a disservice! This is not the best bill that could have been presented!”
Who do you suppose were the lobbyists that drafted the bill that eventually got to the president?

According to an article in the Conservative Review on March 13 by Joshua Withrow:

“…Paul Ryan’s “American Health Care Act” (AHCA for short)… reveals a different operating philosophy, one more tied to preserving the status quo and appeasing industry interests than to improving cost of care, and choice for individuals. Put more simply, Paul Ryan’s Obamacare substitute is fundamentally geared toward keeping a stable customer base for insurers and encouraging universal insurance coverage rather than toward enabling a free market for health care.”

Basically, the Healthcare Lobby’s AHCA bill was just going to shuffle the same cards in a different order that might provide a bit of short term relief but within 3 years we would be back to an even greater healthcare crisis than Obamacare and now the republicans would “Own” It!

So, has and is President Trump and being ill served by his advisers on Healthcare and is the American Public also being bamboozled into believing that the AHCA offers material as well as beneficial changes?

One thing is for sure, conscientious and principled public servants like Louie Gohmert and the Freedom Caucus will provide us with the straight unadulterated truth!

So let’s get behind these principled Americans whose motto is meaningful Compromise, Yes! Meaningless Capitulation, No!…and let them know that we have their back.