A Tsunami Topples MA-RA Leadership- By IronMike

May 15, 2011 in MA

MA-RA’s leadership tried everything to hold on. They held secret meetings. They conducted votes by email. They even tried ousting dissenting members the day before the state-wide convention. All to no avail. Right triumphed over might today. In spite of the unusual tactics employed by the now-outgoing board, a new day has begun for the MA-RA. (ed. note: MA-RA is the Massachusetts Republican Assembly. Republican Assemblies were started by Ronald Reagan and he considered them the Republican Wing of the Republican Party)

The old guard failed to see the warnings. Failed to take full stock of the feelings of betrayal of those who were forced out. Failed to understand that in politics, it’s the numbers that count.
While they were asleep for the past two years, others took notice and worked for change. The new guard showed up in strong numbers and swept the elections like a tsunami after a Japanese earthquake.
Today the new guard showed up in sufficient numbers to effect a clean sweep of the old leadership. The entire old slate was sent packing. An entirely new and energetic face has taken over.
Here’s the new team:

President Dave Kopacz
Vice President Steve Aylward
Treasurer Lee Ann Kay
Secretary Kathy Mailhot
Sergeant-at-arms Steve Prairie
State Committeeman Horace Mello
State Committeewoman Michelle Lisieur
Board Members-at-Large (5) Joanne Abel
  Dan Rose
  Sandi Martinez
  Mark Burgeron
  Jim Ettwein (the RR!)

It won’t be business as usual any longer for the MA-RA.  There’s a new sheriff in town and he’s ready to roll.  Ready to blaze new progress in the bluest of blue states.  Be careful.  Don’t let this wave sweep you out to sea.  rr

Source Rabid Republican Blog